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Social Security Disability Lawyers

Northern Alabama Social Security Benefits Attorneys

At The Rhea Firm in Gadsden, our lawyers help clients who are seeking Social Security disability (SSD) and supplemental security income (SSI) benefits. We have been serving clients throughout Northeast Alabama since 1954.

Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income

In order to be eligible for SSD benefits, a person must be disabled. A person must also have worked for a certain number of months out of the previous year, paying a portion of his or her income into the Social Security system. For those who are disabled but have not sufficiently paid into the system, SSI is the available benefit.

The Social Security Process

Applying for Social Security benefits is fairly straightforward. Clients typically complete this step themselves, filing the appropriate documents with the Social Security administration. After waiting several months, clients receive a response. Unfortunately, in many cases, that response is a denial of Social Security benefits. That is where we come in.

Social Security Appeal

It is important for clients to understand that a denied application is not the end of the process. Our attorneys are experienced in handling all phases of the appeals process, from requests for reconsideration, to appeals hearings, to appearances in federal court when necessary.

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