Workers Compensation Lawyers

Northern Alabama Workers' Comp Lawyers

At The Rhea Firm in Gadsden, our attorneys represent injured workers seeking compensation for on-the-job accidents or occupational diseases and injuries. We have been serving clients throughout Northeast Alabama since 1954.

Representation for All Injured Workers

Our clients include workers from all industries in Northeast Alabama, including the packing, processing, transportation and service industries. Our clients include sufferers of back injuries, neck injuries, joint injuries and occupational injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion injuries.

The Workers' Compensation Process

Workers' compensation, also referred to as work comp or workmans' comp, can be a complicated matter. Our clients come to us with questions about what doctor they can see, what vocational retraining they are eligible for, how long their work comp benefits will last and much more. Our attorneys have the experience to answer all questions about the process.

Workers' Compensation and Other Claims

Workers' compensation covers all medical costs associated with the work-related injury or illness, as well as a portion of wages. It does not cover pain and suffering. If an injury was caused by a third party, a party other than an employer or co-worker, a personal injury claim may also be filed to get additional compensation. The opportunity to receive Social Security disability benefits may also exist. We will identify these opportunities.

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